KICKTOKEN is the main payment solution for the entire KICK Ecosystem, used to pay commissions, transfers, and a number of other services within the ecosystem.

KICKTOKEN provides holders with special discounts when using its and is required to make most payments on the platform, such as for a listing. Users can purchase KICKTOKEN on KICKEX or other exchanges, as well as earn KICKTOKEN for useful actions in the ecosystem.

KICKTOKEN is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum platform. The KICKTOKEN smart contract is optimized to reduce gas consumption in transactions, which makes the token more convenient as a payment tool, especially for micropayments, use in games, subscription services, and so on.

There are three types of KICK tokens in the KICK Ecosystem:

  • regular KICKTOKEN, which are in free circulation and are traded on exchanges;
  • frozen KICKTOKEN that could have been obtained as part of FrozenDrop or a program to replace KICKCOIN with KICKTOKEN.
  • referral KICKTOKEN, which can only be used within the KICK ecosystem, for example, for partial payment of trading commissions on the KICKEX exchange or for payment of the Commission that is charged when withdrawing funds received from the referral network.

On September 16, 2019, the KICKCOIN swap on KICKTOKEN was completed, as a result of which adjustments and improvements were made to the smart contract code, the old KICKCOIN was completely excluded from circulation and KICKTOKEN took its place.

KICKTOKEN smart contract address:

In the latest update, significant improvements were made to the KICKTOKEN smart contract to provide more opportunities for integrating and using the token in the KICKEX cryptocurrency exchange and throughout the KICK Ecosystem platform.

The KICKTOKEN smart contract is thoroughly tested in three ways: internal audit, bug bounty, and audit by PepperSec, a group of security specialists in modern Internet technologies. A public report is available for the audit.