Economic model KICKONOMY

KICKONOMY is an economic model of the KICK ecosystem, it supports many different cryptocurrencies, but the main currency is KICKTOKEN.

KICKTOKEN is used to pay for most services in the KICK ecosystem, for example, for listing on the platform, and provides holders with special discounts when using it.

Below are some of the transaction types that will exist in the KICKONOMY. Over time, as the KICK ecosystem expands, others will be added.

Listing on the KICKICO platform

Each project must pay for a listing to run on the KICKICO platform. Payment for listing is accepted exclusively in KICKTOKEN.

Marketplace for KICKICO services

A marketplace of third-party services is available on KICKICO: lawyers, copywriters, designers, marketers, and others to help startups solve issues related to ICO and STO. All these services are paid for in KICKTOKEN, and KICKICO charges a commission on each transaction.

Promo placement on KICKICO

Any KICKICO user can add funds to their ad wallet using KICKTOKEN, upload ad materials, and configure impressions across the entire network, with the most preferred placement location being the block on the KICKICO home page before the list of all campaigns. This ad can be used to promote various products and services: an ICO, blog, useful service, token, coin, or news story.

Listing on KICKEX

Similar to listing a project on KICKICO, a fee is also charged for listing on KICKEX, which ranges from $25,000 to $100,000, and is paid exclusively in KICKTOKEN. The final listing fee will be calculated based on many factors, including the size and reputation of the project, as well as the difficulties our engineers will face in integrating the coin into KICKEX (for example, ERC-20 tokens are easy to integrate, while the coins of our own blockchains are more difficult). In addition, an additional fee will be charged for each trading pair on the KICKEX exchange that the startup wants to add.

KICKEX Pro account

Users can upgrade their account to the Pro level and get access to exclusive features such as: a professional interface, access to trading via the API, additional trading tools, current news reports and access to special statistics and reports.

Trading contests on KICKEX

Regular contests are scheduled on KICKEX in automatic mode. The best traders can win KICKTOKEN by being among the winners in trading contests that are constantly held on the exchange. These contests allow you to gamify the trading process, grow a community, and create a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition.

Promo placement on KICKEX

A startup can pay for a special promo placement on KICKEX to stand out from other projects and increase its attractiveness.

KICKEX reports

KICKEX offers professional tools for working with data, reporting and analytics for experienced independent and institutional traders.

Access to the KICKEX API

Access to the powerful API of the KICKEX exchange is opened on the condition of a monthly subscription fee. The API will support algorithmic trading, cross-exchange trading, and many other features.


Now any company can launch a new generation cryptocurrency exchange with KICKEX technology under a license. KICKEX WHITE LABEL is a fully customizable element.

Although there are predefined trading commissions on KICKEX, the service allows customers to set their own maker/taker commissions. KICKEX WHITE LABEL is designed for quick launch and integrates with KICK ecosystem services such as KICKID for easy login and KYC, as well as with KICKWALLET for crypto and fiat processing and billing.


KICKPAY is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that can be used by any online store to receive payments in cryptocurrency. The platform charges a small fees for each payment that passes through KICKPAY.

Freeze KickToken

All KICKONOMY commissions received in KICKTOKEN will be sent to a special account, where a significant portion of them will be permanently frozen. This means that tokens credited to this account will not be returned to circulation. After launching your own blockchain and switching to your own coin, the frozen funds will not be transferred to the new blockchain, but will be burned, as well as all other KICK tokens that will be frozen at that time.

In the first stage, 100% of the coins received in this way will be sent to this special address and permanently frozen. Over time, as the demand for KICKTOKEN increases, the freeze parameter (initially 100%) will gradually decrease so that it does not affect the price of the token.

The strategy of freezing KICKTOKEN and expanding the application options in KICKONOMY will create a high demand for the token. Participants of campaigns and tokensales will buy out KICKTOKEN on exchanges to pay for a variety of ecosystem services offered and from KICKONOMY partners on more favorable terms.