KICK Ecosystem Overview

KICK Ecosystem is an automated financial platform with high security, a multi-currency wallet, an exchange and comfortable use of various trading and payment tools.

The platform implements the following technologies:

  • Cloud services, blockchain, and smart contract technologies for the use, transfer, and storage of digital assets. They provide direct access to the crypto and currency markets with high liquidity.
  • Identification technologies, verification and modern encryption standards to ensure security, convenience, ease of use and information. They provide maximum comfort and security when working with digital monetary assets.
  • Fundraising technologies, ICO and STO for launching startups and business projects. They allow business founders to present the project to the General public and raise the necessary funds for the launch and, if successful, get a listing on the KICKEX exchange.
  • MLM, network marketing and advertising technologies to attract the target audience. Give entrepreneurs and businesses a multi-level marketing constructor, with its own terms and rewards, as well as participation in the advertising network of the entire ecosystem.
    Components: #KICKREF #KICKCPA
  • Integration technologies, White Label solutions for interaction with third-party services. It increases the liquidity of KICKEX markets and expands the audience of the entire platform.
    Components: #KICKDESK

The solution of KICK Ecosystem is to place most of the necessary financial instruments inside the platform, which allows you to achieve a high level of comfort and security. This approach is a modern solution for managing digital monetary assets.

The banking level of service on a modern infrastructure for the use, transfer and storage of digital assets, including smart contracts, is combined with a clear interface, instant execution of requests and a high level of security.

The platform’s functionality is designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, traders, investors, startup founders, and any other users interested in working with multi-currency assets.

All ecosystem components will be released for full launch. To understand how it looks in time, see the project’s Road Map:

A full and detailed description of the platform can be found in the white Paper:

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