History of KICK Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency industry continues to develop, absorbing investors money and advanced technological solutions. Among cryptocurrency systems, there is a fierce competition for the user audience. Users have become more demanding about the choice of trading platforms, their functionality and security, in comparison with the requirements for services that appeared at the dawn of the cryptocurrency movement.

The main factors when choosing a cryptocurrency trading platform are security, the number of trading instruments, their liquidity and comfort of use. Each of these factors is particularly important, just like a single link in a chain. And if one of the links is destroyed, it leads to imminent problems of a larger scale.

In addition to a huge variety of coins, tokens and trading platforms, the network has a huge variety of services for working with cryptocurrency assets. These include cryptocurrency wallets, payment and fundraising systems, and a variety of analytical and information services. The list can go on for quite a long time. An impressive information load is a big problem that hinders the development of the entire cryptocurrency space.

The founder of the KICKICO platform, the first evangelist of russian crowdfunding, Anti A. Danilevsky and a team of talented developers set out to solve the problem of chaos in the cryptocurrency industry.

In fact, KICK Ecosystem is a logical continuation of the development of the KICKICO project, launched in 2017. During its operation, KICKICO has attracted investments totaling more than 800 000 ETH for more than 35 startups.

In 2017, the KICKICO platform was attacked by hackers, but did not close down after that, but was able to compensate for the lost funds to users and thus enriched its experience and strengthened its reputation in the market.

Today, KICKICO is not just a project for ICO and crowdfunding, it is a huge community of more than 70 000 cryptocurrency investors. Anticipating many problems in the market and in ICO, since mid 2018, Danilevsky and his team have started to develop the KICK Ecosystem platform. As a result of many years of work, the financial platform KICK Ecosystem was created.

The time of underground exchanges and exchanges is gradually passing into the past. Today, trading platforms are subject to high requirements from governments and regulators. KICK Ecosystem supports this movement and strives to be as transparent and legal as possible, which confirms the existence of more than 50 different licenses for conducting financial activities in most countries of the world.

The KICK Ecosystem has official representative offices in Moscow, Singapore and Dubai.

On September 12, 2019, the KICK Ecosystem team successfully completed registration in Estonia for two licenses that meet strict legal requirements. Obtaining a license is the most important stage for launching the KICKEX exchange, since it is now completely legal for users in most countries.

The first license for cryptocurrencies gives the company the right to provide services related to the exchange of cryptocurrency, tokens, other crypto assets and virtual values for fiat funds to its clients and partners, both directly at the representative office of their company, and remotely around the world.

The second license, for a cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency storage, provides an opportunity to offer clients services related to storing cryptocurrency and other virtual values on specialized cryptocurrency wallets on a commercial basis.

In the near future, we will see a crowdfunding license that will allow the KICKICO platform to conduct STO campaigns. Now the team is working on filling out all the necessary forms for conducting fundraising campaigns in accordance with high requirements and international standards.

On September 26, 2019, the KICKREF referral program was launched. Even in public testing, more than 25 000 users registered during the first week, even before the start of the official advertising campaign. This is facilitated by the promotion of the product by the community itself due to the very favorable terms of the partner program.

On October 17, 2019, KICK Ecosystem was awarded the status of a resident of the SKOLKOVO innovation center. The SKOLKOVO residency was the first official state collaboration for KICK Ecosystem. The company plans to interact with its SKOLKOVO colleagues as a fundraising platform, and is already ready to offer the openID-service KICKID (which includes KYC, produced by the KICK Ecosystem partner – Sum&Substance, also SKOLKOVO residents) and the designer of referral programs KICKREF.

On December 26, 2019, beta testing of the KICKEX exchange started.

On February 12, 2020, more than 500 000 users were registered in the KICKREF referral program. We have exceeded the population of the Republic of Malta.