FROZENDROP and frozen tokens

FROZENDROP is an innovative model for distributing frozen (blocked) tokens from KICK Ecosystem and a marketing tool for attracting active traders and cryptocurrency holders to the KICKEX exchange and creating additional liquidity on it.

Frozen tokens are those tokens that are blocked and cannot be sent to another address until certain conditions are met. There are mechanisms and methods that allow you to freeze and unfreeze tokens. Defrosting (unblocking) is performed automatically using a smart contract after certain conditions are met.

The FROZENDROP mechanism involves sending frozen tokens (888 888 KICKTOKEN) to active addresses of the Ethereum blockchain. These frozen tokens cannot be withdrawn or moved until the official launch of the exchange. To unfreeze KICKTOKEN, you need to trade on the exchange. The more the user trades, the more you will be able to unfreeze the token. In fact, FROZENDROP is the same as cashback from trading on crypto exchanges, only the tokens are already credited.

Pre-conditions for defrosting KICKTOKEN

  • The user receives a FROZENDROP (888 888 KICKTOKEN) to their ETH address.
  • The user registers on the KICKEX exchange, adds their ETH address with frozen KICKTOKEN and trades.
  • The user receives a Commission from trading, which they send to unfreeze tokens.

After defrosting (unblocking), users can sell, move, or use the defrosted KICKTOKEN at their discretion.

Viewing frozen and regular KICKTOKEN

To view the balance of frozen and regular KICKTOKEN, users can use the KICKWALLET service, which has this functionality.

Problems sending frozen KICKTOKEN

An error will occur when attempting to transfer frozen KICKTOKEN to any other address:

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [Reverted]
ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender