KICKREF is a designer for creating and configuring multi-level referral programs. IT is a SaaS* solution where third-party business owners can independently create referral MLM campaigns, configure their terms, rewards, and add to their customer base.

KICKREF MLM-constructor is available to any business, that can process online requests — stores, portals, services, exchanges, online games, and any other.

The MLM-pyramid motivates users to share information about a product or service using personal links and receive rewards for attracting new users, i.e. their referrals. Over time, the multi-level referral system grows, and from each of its levels, the user receives a certain percentage of partner rewards from payments and commissions for the pyramid organizer.

A good example of using KICKREF is the KICK Ecosystem partner program. Each member of the KICK ecosystem can create their own personal referral links to various services within the ecosystem, as well as to resources within the entire partner network. If someone clicks on a referral link and joins the KICK ecosystem, the link Creator is rewarded with Commission fees from all subsequent transactions of that user.

* SaaS – software as a service