KICKICO is a service for fundraising and launching startups in the KICK Ecosystem. It connects startups that want to get funding with token buyers who are interested in buying them.

KICKICO fully supports ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and STO (Security Token offers), allowing the placement of security tokens along with regular ICOS and provides startups with all the tools necessary for the safe conduct and promotion of their ICO, including tools for managing the community that is formed around this ICO.

KICKICO has developed rating, review, and reputation systems to increase trust in the tokens being placed and weed out known dangerous projects. Startups don’t need to worry about their fundraising sites being hacked or their wallets being compromised, as KICKICO provides high security.

KICKICO provides a marketplace platform for an integrated network of third-party companies and services that provide startups with all types of services for conducting tokensales, such as legal advice, translation services, copywriting, marketing, graphic design, and much more.