KICKEX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange of the next generation, one of the most high-tech services in the KICK Ecosystem. Allows you to optimize and automate most manual, time-consuming operations and workflows in trading.


  • KICK
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • KEX
  • USDT




  • maker — 0.075%
  • taker — 0.1%.

Fee of the loyalty program:

  • maker — 0,032%
  • taker — 0,05%


  • API
  • Cashback
  • Market order
  • Limit orders
  • Stop order
  • Stop limit orders
  • Trailing stop
  • Effective charts
  • Indicators
  • Trading risk calculator
  • Detailed reporting
  • News aggregator
  • Calendar of industry events


Access to API of KICKEX exchange is available on the condition of a monthly subscription fee. The API will support algorithmic trading, cross-exchange trading, and many other features.

The API transmits data broken down by exchange transactions and transactions via the API, which gives an understanding of what volumes of transactions are performed manually, and what are made by bots.

The official API documentation is not yet known.


KEX is an internal token of the KICKEX exchange, which rewards traders according to their trading volumes (1 KEX for $1 of commissions paid). The KEX token algorithms work according to the Proof of Trading concept and are supported by real transactions.


KICKEX supports the STO (Security Token Offering) fundraising tool and works closely with KICKICO, which connects startups with investors and fully supports ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

There is a fee for listing on KICKEX that ranges from us $25,000 to us $100,000 and is paid exclusively on KickToken. The final listing fee will be calculated based on many factors, including the size and reputation of the project, as well as the difficulties that KICK engineers will face in integrating the coin into KICKEX (for example, ERC-20 tokens are easy to integrate, while native blockchain coins are more difficult). In addition, an additional fee will be charged for each trading pair on the KICKEX exchange that the startup wants to add.

KICKEX strongly opposes the current practice of exchanges that confuse and complicate the token listing process. Such practices are disastrous for the entire industry: they scare off potential token buyers who prefer to wait and see which exchanges the token will be first released to; and startups, which are already limited in resources, have to waste their precious time and money on these processes. In contrast to current practice, the listing process on KICKEX should be fair, accessible, and transparent.


Now any company can launch a new generation cryptocurrency exchange with KICKEX technology under a license.

KICKEX WHITE LABEL is a fully customizable element. Despite the fact that trading commissions are predefined on KICKEX, the service allows clients to set their own commissions.

KICKEX WHITE LABEL is designed for quick launch and integrates with KICK ecosystem services, such as KICKID, for easy login and KYC, as well as with KICKWALLET, for crypto and fiat processing and billing.


The limits are not yet known.