KEX is an internal token of the KICKEX exchange, which rewards traders according to their trading volumes (1 KEX for $1 of Commission paid). KEX token accrual works according to the Proof-of-Trading concept and is supported by real transactions and transactions.

KEX is a service token and is only available on the KICKEX exchange, where it is traded with other major cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH and USDT.

The KEX token reduces the commission for its holders. On the KICKEX exchange, there is a pool of 1 billion KEX tokens for accruing these tokens for trading on the exchange.

Despite the expected growth of KEX as the KICKEX exchange develops, the KEX token cannot be classified as a security and does not indicate any capital gains. The KEX token is not an investment item, and its main purpose on KICKEX is to provide access to additional features and reduce trading fees on the exchange.